How To Test Dissolved Hydrogen Level in Water


The new Trend In Japan “Hydrogen Water,” which has been popular in Japan since 2014; also known as “H2 Water,” “Hydrogen Rich Water,” “Negative Hydrogen Ion Water,” or “reduced water,” etc. the main water is rich in hydrogen molecules, which can resist oxidation and achieve beauty and health effects. It is also famous from Japan to Taiwan. Not only have manufacturers launched related products, but there are also products on the market that can be separated into hydrogen water by home appliances. Machine. But how does hydrogen water work? Is the hydrogen concentration marked on the product the actual concentration when drinking?

The machines that electrolyze water to generate hydrogen on the market used to be called “alkaline ionized water.” However, “hydrogen water” and “alkaline ionized water” come from the same machine, and they are also the same water, but the marketing appeal is different. This type of machine has been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the competent authority of Japan, as a medical machine that can improve gastrointestinal symptoms. However, the hydrogen water produced by this machine has a hydrogen concentration of only 0.1-1ppm, which is lower than other hydrogen water products.

Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun reported on August 2, 2016, that the hydrogen water on the Japanese market is labeled as “hydrogen concentration 1.8-2.7ppm”, “0.3-0.8ppm”, and also labeled as “up to 7.0ppm”. However, looking closer at the label, you will find words such as “when generated” or “when filled” near the concentration number. It indicates the hydrogen concentration injected when the product is made, not the actual hydrogen concentration when purchased and drunk at the store.

Shinichi Hirano, a visiting researcher at Japan’s National Adult Medical Research Center (National Adult Medical Research Center), led a research team to investigate the hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water products on the Japanese market. 0.2ppm, about 0.8-1.2ppm in aluminum foil bags, and about 0.1-0.5ppm in alkaline ionized water produced by electrolysis.

The study pointed out that under normal pressure conditions, the upper limit of hydrogen concentration is 1.6 ppm. Still, the injected hydrogen molecule concentration can be increased by increasing the pressure during processing, so many products are marked above 1.6 ppm. But, when the public buys, the hydrogen concentration in the product may already be lower than the labeled concentration. In addition to the gradual loss of hydrogen from the gaps in the packaging container after the product leaves the factory because it is already in a standard pressure environment, which is lower than the pressure during processing, it will also affect the hydrogen concentration.

At present, neither Japan nor Taiwan’s regulations have a clear definition of hydrogen water. As long as it contains a little hydrogen molecule, it can be called hydrogen or hydrogen water. Hirano Shinichi believes that it should be clearly defined that the hydrogen concentration of such products must be above a few ppm to be called hydrogen water, and consumers will not be misled.

In addition, research on hydrogen water has only emerged in the past ten years. Relevant clinical trials are limited, and the effect on the human body is still unclear. Even in Japan, where hydrogen water originated, there are no products certified by the government as having health benefits. Consumers should not mindlessly follow fashion when purchasing related products.

Eight facts about hydrogen water (hydrogen water)
1. There is no clear definition in the regulations
2. The object of relevant research is hydrogen, not hydrogen water
3. No matter what kind of container packaging is used, hydrogen will gradually lose from the water
4. Utilization The hydrogen water produced by electrolysis has a lower hydrogen concentration than ordinary hydrogen water.
5. The upper limit of hydrogen concentration is 1.6 ppm under normal pressure. Still, the upper limit will increase as the pressure increases.
6. There are about 400 researches on hydrogen. Among them, there are only about 20 clinical studies on humans.
7. Although there are clinical studies on patients, there is almost no research data to confirm the effect of drinking on ordinary healthy people.
8. At present, there are no hydrogen water products certified by the government as having health benefits

Hydrogen Emerges as An Effective Treatment For Cognitive Disorders

Hydrogen Water is an Antioxidant and Prevents Brain Damage
Molecular hydrogen (H2) can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by selectively reducing reactive oxygen species.
Unlike other antioxidants, H2 has the unique capability of crossing cell membranes and targeting organelles such as the mitochondria and nucleus.
Drinking hydrogen water prevented the development of Parkinson’s disease in an experiment on rats. Hydrogen water reduces oxidative stress and prevents cognitive impairment associated with dementia and Parkinson’s disease [
Hydrogen water prevented both the development and progression of neural degeneration and suppressed neuronal loss in another Parkinson’s disease mice study.
Additionally, in a study on patients with Parkinson’s disease, it was found that the intake of hydrogen water reduces neurotoxic damage, which agrees with previous studies on animals. The hydrogen water had no adverse effects at high doses (1000 mL/day) [R]. Drinking hydrogen water and intermittent hydrogen gas exposure, but not lactulose or continuous hydrogen gas exposure, prevent 6-hydorxydopamine-induced Parkinson’s disease in rats. Consumption of molecular hydrogen prevents the stress-induced impairments in hippocampus-dependent learning tasks during chronic physical restraint in mice.

Hydrogen water is rapidly emerging as a potentially significant antioxidant, demonstrating promising results in protecting cells and tissues from oxidative damage. This is achieved through its ability to selectively reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS), harmful compounds that can lead to cellular damage [ .

An important distinguishing feature of hydrogen (H2) is its ability to cross cell membranes and target organelles such as the mitochondria and nucleus. This quality allows it to act at the heart of cells, where oxidative stress can be most damaging .

Scientific studies reveal the exciting potential of hydrogen water as a preventative agent against neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease. An experiment on rats demonstrated that drinking hydrogen water can prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease, reducing oxidative stress, and thwarting cognitive impairment linked to dementia and Parkinson’s disease ].

Furthermore, hydrogen water was found to arrest the development and progression of neural degeneration and suppress neuronal loss in another Parkinson’s disease study on mice .

A clinical trial with patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease discovered that hydrogen water intake can reduce neurotoxic damage. This aligns with previous animal studies, indicating a positive therapeutic potential for humans. The study also found no adverse effects from high doses (1000 mL/day) of hydrogen water .

Further studies on rats showed that both drinking hydrogen water and intermittent hydrogen gas exposure could prevent the onset of 6-hydroxydopamine-induced Parkinson’s disease. Notably, these benefits were not seen with lactulose or continuous hydrogen gas exposure .

Lastly, in a study on mice, it was found that the consumption of molecular hydrogen can shield against stress-induced impairments in the hippocampus, which plays a crucial role in learning tasks. This protective effect was observed during chronic physical restraint, suggesting that hydrogen water could potentially help maintain cognitive function under conditions of physical stress .

The unfolding research on hydrogen water’s neuroprotective properties is truly encouraging, pointing towards new potential preventative strategies and treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. However, as always, more extensive human clinical trials are needed to confirm these initial findings.

Global and Chinese Markets for Hydrogen Water Generator Bottles: Current Status and Future Development

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title: Hydrogen Water Guide

In recent years, hydrogen water generator bottles have surged in popularity due to their potential health benefits, thus capturing the attention of both consumers and investors worldwide. Our research institute has conducted an in-depth study into the current and future trends of hydrogen water generator bottles in the global and Chinese markets.

Our research scrutinized these innovative products’ primary production and consumption regions, focusing on significant manufacturers’ output and market share in both the global and Chinese markets. We analyzed each manufacturer’s product characteristics, specifications, pricing, output value, and market shares.

Here are the top producers in this market:

Young Living
Hydrogen Health
Osmio Water
Leve Lup Way
Gosoit Water
H2 Life
Blue Unicorn Ltd
Our research revealed that these manufacturers demonstrate varied product characteristics and specifications. For instance, Young Living’s hydrogen water generator bottle is renowned for its high hydrogen concentration, whereas ionBottles stands out for its product’s durability and portability.

As for pricing, the research showed a significant range among these manufacturers, reflecting their products’ varied features and specifications. However, it’s noteworthy that a higher price doesn’t necessarily indicate a superior product, as the best value for consumers depends on their specific needs and preferences.

Regarding output and output value, Hydrogen Health and Osmio Water manufacturers have shown strong performance in the global market. At the same time, Leve Lup Way and Gosoit Water have garnered significant market share in the Chinese market.

Looking at future development trends, our study indicates that the hydrogen water generator bottle market will likely continue expanding. This growth is driven by increased consumer awareness of the potential health benefits of hydrogen-infused water and advancements in technology that allow for greater hydrogen concentration and improved product durability.

In conclusion, the hydrogen water generator bottle market presents a vibrant landscape with substantial growth potential. As technological advancements continue to shape this market, manufacturers must stay innovative to maintain competitiveness and capture consumer interest. Conversely, consumers stand to gain from an expanding range of product choices and enhanced features. The road ahead for this market is as intriguing as it is promising, making it a space to watch in the years to come.
Published by Angel Springer

10 Health Benefits Of Molecular Hydrogen

10 Health Benefits Of Molecular Hydrogen

  A lot is known about molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is nothing new. But now, many products can produce molecular hydrogen, including hydrogen water. So before buying these products, we should know the origin and with whom we buy. Of course, Taggers doesn’t want just to buy cheap or expensive products; the most important thing is that the seller must master and explain the product properly and correctly.


The first time molecular hydrogen was discovered was in the 1930s, but the popularity of molecular hydrogen was discovered and initiated by Dr. Shigeo Ohta in 2007.  Dr. Shigeo Ohta, in his research, found that molecular hydrogen has potential therapeutic benefits that are beneficial to health, such as anti-aging—oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic. Anti-oxidants produced by molecular hydrogen itself are very light; why is that?


Hydrogen is the atomic element number 1 in the periodic table, where hydrogen has a mass weight of only 1.008 or the lightest compared to other atoms because this is one of them; molecular hydrogen can easily penetrate the cell nucleus because it is tiny and light so that it can work in the cell nucleus.


Molecular hydrogen has been studied in more than 1,200 studies since 2007 on more than 170 diseases by animals and humans and is still being studied today. Hydrogen is odorless, non-toxic, has no side effects, and can potentially help prevent and treat degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, auto-immunity, etc.



Molecular hydrogen is  hydrogen gas (H2) which can be enjoyed in various ways, namely through:

1. Injection / Injections

2. Hydrogen inhalation

3. Drinking Water

4. Cleaning the Body

5. Facial Spray

What Makes Hydrogen An Essential Element For Your Health

However, the most popular is drinking water containing hydrogen gas, produced through the electrolysis method using cathode and anode plates and membranes that can produce hydrogen gas (H2). In addition to water containing hydrogen, inhalation of hydrogen itself is effective in preventing and treating disease due to the rapid transfusion system through breathing compared to digestion by drinking it.


There are many benefits to consuming molecular hydrogen; here are ten benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen:
  1. Hydrogen water can help with allergies.
  2. Hydrogen water can help reduce weight.
  3. Hydrogen water can improve cognitive function in the brain.
  4. Hydrogen water can increase energy.
  5. Hydrogen water can help the recovery process from sports injuries.
  6. Hydrogen water can inhibit premature aging.
  7. Hydrogen water can help overcome inflammation in the joints.
  8. Hydrogen water can help overcome diabetes.
  9. Hydrogen water can help overcome auto-immune problems.
  10. Hydrogen water can help cancer and tumor patients.

Isn’t water made up of 2 molecules, namely hydrogen (2) and oxygen (1), called H2O? 

That’s right, but the content of Hydrogen Gas in plain water is minimal (0.00000000000002 ppb), in contrast to water containing molecular hydrogen (ranging from 800ppb – 3,000ppb).


Hidromizu is the best 4in1 generator in its class that you can enjoy with a hydrogen content of up to 2,300ppb! With the portability of Hidromizu, you can enjoy ten advantages:

  1. Portability (Minimal and light, easy to carry around)
  2. Dual Mode (Can produce up to 2,300ppb)
  3. SCEM (Easiest method to clean plates)
  4. Compatibility with bottled drinking water
  5. Has a compact inhalation feature
  6. Made from environmentally friendly materials (FDA, EU, BPA FREE, Tritan)
  7. Has SPE and PEM technology, so it is free from chlorine (Cl2) and Ozone (O3)
  8. It has a double plate made of platinum-coated titanium
  9. Has a membrane from Japan
  10. 1-year warranty on service and spare parts

With the rampant cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, molecular hydrogen is an alternative and can enhance the immune system through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. So, now you already understand the importance of the benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen. Look forward to the next blog which will thoroughly discuss how to choose a good and right hydrogen generator

Hydrogen Water- Unveiling Its Astonishing Health Benefits


Hydrogen Rich Water VS Alkaline Ionizer Water VS Alkaline Water




In this topic, we will thoroughly discuss hydrogen water, also known as Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW), and alkaline water, also known as Alkaline Ionizer Water (AIW), and what is the difference between it and mineral water, demineralized water (RO water). , hexagonal water, oxygen water, and others.

So, in this discussion, we will start first with water. Who doesn’t know this H2O, which is abundant outside and inside our bodies? 2/3 of the body also contains water, including blood, brain, bones, and many more.



So that’s why water’s function is essential for our body; research shows humans can survive without food for three weeks, but without water, humans can only survive 4-7 days. So it is essential to continue consuming water so your body stays hydrated.


Now, we review a little about this H2O. Water or H2O covers almost 71% of the earth’s surface, each molecule consisting of 2 Hydrogen Atoms and 1 Oxygen Atom connected by covalent bonds. So it’s so extraordinary how these two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom become one molecule/compound called water.



Before discussing the types of water, we will discuss something often heard but only some clearly understand, namely pH. pH stands for Power (Potenz) of Hydrogen, pH itself is an essential indicator in determining water quality.


In its most basic sense, pH refers to the negative logarithmic (log) measurement of the concentration of H+ ions in solution. The more H+ (Hydrogen Ions), the more acidic; the less H+ (Hydrogen Ion), the more alkaline (alkaline).




Now that we know this H2O, we will review each type of water available around us.


1. Mineral Water (pH level ranges from 7.0 – 8.0)

As the name implies, the mineral content in bottled water includes magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, chloride, and fluoride. Bottled mineral water goes through a series of processes in its manufacture, including adding or removing carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or toxic materials such as arsenic.


2. Demineralized Water (pH range 6.0 – 7.0)


As the name implies, demineralized water is water that does not contain minerals. This type of water is obtained through purification processes such as distillation (separation of chemical substances), deionization (neutralizing positive and negative ions), reverse osmosis (purification), or other processes that are equivalent and safe to drink.


3. Oxygenated Water (pH range 6.0 – 7.0)

As the name suggests, oxygenated water is a type of mineral water that has gone through a processing process in such a way, then oxygen is added. In contrast to ordinary water, oxygen-containing water has more oxygen molecular structure.


It’s just that it’s different from hydrogen water, which is proven to have a therapeutic effect, water containing oxygen, still needs research and substantial evidence to be included in the therapeutic category. And keep in mind that both oxygen and hydrogen are gases, and gases have the effect of evaporating very quickly, so even if there is adequate oxygen in oxygen water, the evaporation will probably be faster than you think.


  1. Other Drinking Water

Of the three types of water above, there are still several types of drinking water, such as carbonated drinks, juices, and drinks made with flavors. However, the discussion regarding other drinking water should have been discussed further.





Alkaline Water (pH > 8.0)

Now that we know the four types of water above that are easy to find around us, we will discuss alkaline water. There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of alkaline water, some claims show that consuming alkaline water can help overcome diseases, including cancer, but many also disagree due to insufficient research and several other reasons. Well, as the name suggests, alkaline water is water that has a water pH above 8.0.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States recommends a pH level of drinking water that is safe for human consumption in the range of pH 6.5 to pH 8.5. If the pH of the drinking water is within the recommended level, the water will not be harmed. Based on the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) and the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), the pH reference for Packaged Drinking Water (AMDK) can be called alkaline if it has a pH between 8.5 and 9.97, so it is clear how BPOM provides limits regarding alkaline water and High PH. Usually, some manufacturers of bottled water include written warnings.



Alkaline water itself can be processed in several ways, such as:

1. Alkaline Filter


The first way is to use an alkaline rock filter containing alkaline minerals such as magnesium, potassium, potassium, calcium, etc.


2. Magnesium Sticks


The second way is to use a magnesium stick which can increase the pH level of rocks that contain alkaline minerals.


3. Bottled Alkaline Drinking Water (AMALDK)

The second way is to use a magnesium stick, which can increase the pH level of rocks with alkaline minerals.


4. Alkaline Ionizer Machine


This last method is considered the most accessible and most stable because the pH setting of the water can be controlled based on the button that has been set (pH 6.0 – 9). Compared to the two methods above that use alkaline mineral filters, they can indeed increase the pH of water, but there are no standard limits regarding pH due to 3 reasons, namely:

  1. Rock that is easily degraded because it is continuously immersed in water
  2. There are no standards and limits regarding the pH that can be produced
  3. The result differs from one another due to the source of origin of the water used, the soaking time, and the resulting pH level may be too high than the limit, and the TDS level may need to be lowered.


An alkaline ionizer uses a membrane that separates H2O into H2 (Hydrogen Gas) and OH- (Hydroxide), OH- is the forerunner of alkaline water and can reduce oxidation (ORP); this ORP is often referred to in marketing language as an antioxidant. So it is clear that an excellent alkaline ionizer produces:

  1. Hydrogen Gas
  2. Alkaline pH water
  3. Neutral pH Water
  4. Acid pH Water
  5. Has stability and standards for water pH regulation
  6. Usually made in the form of a large machine (not portable) and has residual water from the disposal



As the name implies, an alkaline ionizer is a machine that produces alkaline water with hydrogen content. To better understand how an Alkaline Ionizer machine works, see the diagram below:



This is the difference between Alkaline Ionizer and PEM Hydrogen generator, as   the Molecular Hydrogen Institute reported Continue reading “Hydrogen Rich Water VS Alkaline Ionizer Water VS Alkaline Water”

12 Tips For Choosing A Hydrogen Generator

12 Tips For Choosing A Hydrogen Generator

12 Tips For Choosing A Hydrogen Generator


“We cannot choose or determine the events we experience, but our response to them determines our final fate.”   No human wants to be POOR and ALSO SICK, but sometimes the reality says otherwise; the RESPONSE makes the difference.

It’s the same with health; everyone wants to be healthy! When asked how you are, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic, the answer is HEALTHY! So, of course, TAGGERS also know that health is a precious and irreplaceable thing; without health, all things of value become challenging to enjoy.

Before getting into the main topic, it helps us to review a little about molecular hydrogen. This molecule is no longer a stranger since it was popularized in 2007 by Dr. Shigeo Ohta, who found that molecular hydrogen is therapeutic because it contains antioxidants that can selectively counteract free radicals, including hydroxyl radicals which can damage cells. Body cells also contain anti-inflammatory.

Since then, research in abstracts and journals has reached up to 400 of 1,200 studies individually and through institutions such as universities and others on more than 170 disease case studies and research on animals and humans. Well, the results are pretty promising, and since then, the trend of hydrogen water has continued to increase along with people’s concern for health.

Hydrogen water is produced through an electrolysis process using an anode and cathode plates that can separate hydrogen and oxygen so that through a tiny membrane, it can produce hydrogen gas (H2) into the water.

As shown in the picture above, the electrolysis process with SPE technology can produce hydrogen gas, also known as molecular hydrogen. Since then, hydrogen water has become very popular, and it has swept developed countries such as Japan, Korea, China, America, Europe, and Indonesia, Inside it. And predictably, various manufacturers have started to produce hydrogen generators, both in the form of large capacities and in portable forms that can be carried anywhere.

Now, of course, with a variety of hydrogen generators on the market, it raises several critical questions such as:

1. What brand is good?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Does it have any effect?

4. How long can it last?

5. Is there a guarantee or not?


The questions above are very general and are often considered before buying a product, including a hydrogen generator. In this tip, TAGOFFICIAL will thoroughly discuss what must be considered before buying a Hydrogen Generator. Come on, let’s see one by one:



As previously discussed, the hydrogen generator uses an electrolysis process to separate Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water by using a cathode and anode plate and a membrane that can produce molecular hydrogen. The latest technology that has become standard is PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) and SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolysis). In short, these two technologies become a reference for hydrogen generator manufacturers in producing their products. This technology is usually difficult to prove by the naked eye, but there are three ways to prove whether your hydrogen generator uses SPE / PEM technology:

– Inclusion of the SPE / PEM Label on the packaging; usually, classy manufacturers will include this label in their product packaging.

– But there is a second way to determine if the hydrogen generator uses SPE / PEM technology. The electrolysis process, besides producing hydrogen gas (H2), will also produce residual gases such as Cl2 (chlorine) and also O3 (ozone). Therefore hydrogen generators claiming to use SPE/PEM technology will usually have exhaust ports.

– The third way is to mix salt into your hydrogen generator. Why is that? This method is considered very effective in proving whether your hydrogen generator is safe for consumption! When salt (NaCl) is mixed into water and accompanied by an electrolysis process, a chemical reaction will occur and produce Cl2 or chlorine. See the following video for the SPE / PEM test method.

Cheap hydrogen generators usually don’t have this technology, so when mixed with salt, it produces chlorine gas and mixes with water. The characteristics? It smells, and if you use chlorine reagent, you will see that the color of the water is yellow! So stop consuming your hydrogen generator if you don’t use SPE / PEM technology! In short, you don’t want to consume hydrogen water with chlorine content.



A good hydrogen generator is a generator that has adopted SPE and PEM technology, as explained in the first point regarding technology. Until now, the certification of hydrogen generator products that are excellent and meet standards is based on JHYPA (Japanese Hydrogen Promotion Association). It is an entity authorized by IHSA to issue certifications based on IHSA standards and criteria. The IHSA is an international organization focused on setting standards for measuring hydrogen gas and establishing guidelines for its therapeutic use. Besides that, a good hydrogen generator also has certifications such as FDA, CE, and EU. It has also been verified through SGS and various material and component test results that have been certified.




Hydrogen generators must use very high-quality materials or materials; this is because the water electrolysis process uses dual metal plates to electrocute water. The metal plate must be made of anti-corrosion material, namely Titanium (Ti), and usually coated with Platinum to provide an anti-corrosive effect. As we know, water is the best corrosive, and if the metal material used is not made of platinum-plated Titanium, it will cause metal content in the water, such as Lead (Pb), and you certainly don’t want to consume it.


There are several types of molecular hydrogen generating machines, some use an AC connector (220V), which means it must be connected directly to the electrical connector, and some use a portable type (DC 5V); this portable type itself uses a lithium battery and usually has a battery life. Battery life up to 2 years (depending on the cycle of the battery itself). The advantage of the portable model is its flexibility, and it’s easy to carry anywhere.


Several models of hydrogen generators on the market can produce hydrogen water. Still, as previously discussed, whatever TAGGERS chooses, the hydrogen generator must have PEM / SPE technology so that the hydrogen water produced is genuinely pure and not mixed with gas. Such as ozone and chlorine. Hydrogen water is just one of the ways that are produced through molecular hydrogen, so it’s a good idea before you choose and determine the hydrogen generator of your choice to make sure that the hydrogen generator has complete features such as:


1. Portable

Portability is essential because the hydrogen bottle itself can be said to be quite large, so it is sometimes difficult to carry around. Of course, if you are someone who needs to remember quickly, make sure to take advantage of your hydrogen bottle! Choose a compact model that can be carried anywhere; you can even put it in your handbag. So all you have to do is plug bottled drinking water into your generator.

2. Inhalation

Several models of hydrogen generators on the market also have an inhalation feature. What are the benefits of inhaling hydrogen gas? The same as consuming hydrogen water; the significant difference is that when consuming hydrogen water, the process goes through the stomach and then spreads slowly. However, hydrogen inhalation has a much faster transmission process through the lungs. Remember! Hydrogen gas is a gas, and the nature of gas is that it quickly evaporates. Therefore, the best benefit of hydrogen gas is consuming it as soon as it is produced, or the most straightforward way, using hydrogen inhalation! Read more


Water has properties that can rust, including metals; as discussed earlier, a good hydrogen generator must have an electrode plate material made of anti-corrosive platinum-plated titanium. In use, the hydrogen generator still needs to be cleaned, one of which is by using Citric Acid, which can clean the electrodes. So, if you don’t want to be bothered with periodic cleaning methods, this SCEM (Self Cleaning Electrode Mechanism) feature can be your choice. The SCEM feature reverses the electrolysis process and uses ozone technology to clean plates. In just 5 minutes, your hydrogen generator will automatically be cleaned, and the liquid can also be used as a disinfectant (HOCL).



Convertibility is one of the most critical factors in determining your choice of hydrogen generator. Choose convertible products because they can be used individually or with loved ones, including your family and friends. Several products on the market have this convertibility feature to be used in bottled drinking water. So if you want to make hydrogenated water for people who can’t afford it, you can produce it using your hydrogen generator using bottled drinking water and then give it to them; sharing is caring!



Some hydrogen generator manufacturers equip their products with borosilicate glass and plastic. Note that although glass cups look cleaner and more hygienic, they are also prone to breaking if dropped. Of course, you don’t want your favorite hydrogen bottle to break, right? Moreover, spare parts are not necessarily available. Also, if you use a plastic bottle, ask your seller what plastic material is used. As is known, plastic materials such as those in bottled drinking water contain PET material which can only be used a maximum of 1x.


Instead, choose materials that are heat-resistant and not easily broken, such as ABS, PP, and the last material, which has been very popular lately because of its heat-resistant, unbreakable, and durable nature, namely Tritan from Eastman. In addition, make sure the membrane and plate materials used are quality materials such as Dupont for membranes known as quality membrane manufacturers, and titanium plates must be made of platinum-coated titanium. That way, you can have a hydrogen generator engine that you can use for up to 5 years!



Did you know that the quality standard is not determined by the country in which the product is made but by the standards that have been set, such as ISO 9001:2008, FDA, EU, CE, JHYPA, and many more? This standard determines the quality of a hydrogen generator. If you have decided to have a hydrogen generator, it’s good as a critical buyer; you ask what certification you have. Some say there is a quality price; that opinion is valid but not entirely true. If you can have a quality product at an affordable price, why should you choose a more expensive one? And also need to know what certification comes with the product. The size standards for hydrogen generator products are JHYPA, FDA, EU, CE, SGS, and ISO. So make sure it is there before you buy a hydrogen generator.



Undeniably, Hydrogen’s popularity in Indonesia is still in the introduction stage since it was popularized in Japan in 2007. Since then, developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, and America have continued to conduct intensive research on this breakthrough in the world of health and beauty. The hydrogen generator has electronic components because the process uses cathode and anode plate electrolysis accompanied by membrane ions and PCBs for automation and electrical processes. That’s why like most other electronic products, you must get a WARRANTY for parts and repairs for at least one year and ensure the spare parts are available for many years. Isn’t the reason people buy products not only from the price side but also from the benefits and people/companies who understand their products?


11. Hydrogen Health BENEFITS

Since being popularized in 2007, molecular hydrogen continues to provide potential hope for a therapeutic breakthrough that can help heal all diseases and is also beneficial for beauty. Why all the sickness? Because basically, the topic of discussion rather than molecular hydrogen is about FREE RADICALS, free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals can damage healthy body cells so that the body’s cells experience oxidative stress and can cause degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s, tumors and many more. Whatever the brand of your hydrogen generator, as long as it meets standards such as technology and certification, what is no less important is the concentration of hydrogen produced. As long as the above conditions are met, however, the ten things that you can feel based on the research that has been done are as follows:

  1. Hydrogen water can help with allergies.
  2. Hydrogen water can help reduce weight.
  3. Hydrogen water can improve cognitive function in the brain.
  4. Hydrogen water can increase energy.
  5. Hydrogen water can help the recovery process from sports injuries.
  6. Hydrogen water can inhibit premature aging.
  7. Hydrogen water can help overcome inflammation in the joints.
  8. Hydrogen water can help overcome diabetes.
  9. Hydrogen water can help overcome auto-immune problems.
  10. Hydrogen water can help cancer and tumor patients.


Price is important, but only some things! When you buy a hydrogen generator, ensure the 11 factors above are followed. Of course, you want a high quality hydrogen generator with complete features and comfort in the sense of easy use and an official guarantee from the seller, right? Remember, hydrogen generators have electronic components, and as they are used, they can become damaged due to misuse or electrical problems. The available hydrogen generator machines range from IDR 500,000 to IDR 10 million.


But when you have finished reading this article, you will begin to understand the importance of having a quality, certified hydrogen generator at an affordable price. Indeed, price is one of the determinants of having a hydrogen generator. Still, you don’t want to have a hydrogen generator that is cheap but of questionable quality and no warranty or a hydrogen generator that is too expensive but has the same benefits. Whatever the brand, make sure it is affordable within your pocket, and once again, the most important thing is the benefits you receive from the hydrogen generator.



As previously discussed, Hidromizu is the best 4in1 hydrogen generator in its class, meets certification standards, and has the latest SPE and PEM technology, an official guarantee from PT. Tomisui Global Affiliate for one year and a very affordable price in its class with features of portability, inhalation, dual mode electrolysis, self-cleaning, and many more. In addition, Hidromizu also has a distribution permit as a non-lakes product issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, so this product is LEGAL. Classy features like this you can have and use for the next five years with various health and beauty benefits that you can feel.


Get anti-oxidant benefits that are 88x greater than Vitamin C and 215x than Vitamin E with molecular hydrogen up to 2,300ppb and anti-oxidants up to -700mV with Hidromizu. You can get this benefit for only IDR 2,999,999 for a useful life of up to 5 years and guaranteed spare parts and service for up to 1 year.