10 Health Benefits Of Molecular Hydrogen

10 Health Benefits Of Molecular Hydrogen

  A lot is known about molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is nothing new. But now, many products can produce molecular hydrogen, including hydrogen water. So before buying these products, we should know the origin and with whom we buy. Of course, Taggers doesn’t want just to buy cheap or expensive products; the most important thing is that the seller must master and explain the product properly and correctly.


The first time molecular hydrogen was discovered was in the 1930s, but the popularity of molecular hydrogen was discovered and initiated by Dr. Shigeo Ohta in 2007.  Dr. Shigeo Ohta, in his research, found that molecular hydrogen has potential therapeutic benefits that are beneficial to health, such as anti-aging—oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic. Anti-oxidants produced by molecular hydrogen itself are very light; why is that?


Hydrogen is the atomic element number 1 in the periodic table, where hydrogen has a mass weight of only 1.008 or the lightest compared to other atoms because this is one of them; molecular hydrogen can easily penetrate the cell nucleus because it is tiny and light so that it can work in the cell nucleus.


Molecular hydrogen has been studied in more than 1,200 studies since 2007 on more than 170 diseases by animals and humans and is still being studied today. Hydrogen is odorless, non-toxic, has no side effects, and can potentially help prevent and treat degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, auto-immunity, etc.



Molecular hydrogen is  hydrogen gas (H2) which can be enjoyed in various ways, namely through:

1. Injection / Injections

2. Hydrogen inhalation

3. Drinking Water

4. Cleaning the Body

5. Facial Spray

What Makes Hydrogen An Essential Element For Your Health

However, the most popular is drinking water containing hydrogen gas, produced through the electrolysis method using cathode and anode plates and membranes that can produce hydrogen gas (H2). In addition to water containing hydrogen, inhalation of hydrogen itself is effective in preventing and treating disease due to the rapid transfusion system through breathing compared to digestion by drinking it.


There are many benefits to consuming molecular hydrogen; here are ten benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen:
  1. Hydrogen water can help with allergies.
  2. Hydrogen water can help reduce weight.
  3. Hydrogen water can improve cognitive function in the brain.
  4. Hydrogen water can increase energy.
  5. Hydrogen water can help the recovery process from sports injuries.
  6. Hydrogen water can inhibit premature aging.
  7. Hydrogen water can help overcome inflammation in the joints.
  8. Hydrogen water can help overcome diabetes.
  9. Hydrogen water can help overcome auto-immune problems.
  10. Hydrogen water can help cancer and tumor patients.

Isn’t water made up of 2 molecules, namely hydrogen (2) and oxygen (1), called H2O? 

That’s right, but the content of Hydrogen Gas in plain water is minimal (0.00000000000002 ppb), in contrast to water containing molecular hydrogen (ranging from 800ppb – 3,000ppb).


Hidromizu is the best 4in1 generator in its class that you can enjoy with a hydrogen content of up to 2,300ppb! With the portability of Hidromizu, you can enjoy ten advantages:

  1. Portability (Minimal and light, easy to carry around)
  2. Dual Mode (Can produce up to 2,300ppb)
  3. SCEM (Easiest method to clean plates)
  4. Compatibility with bottled drinking water
  5. Has a compact inhalation feature
  6. Made from environmentally friendly materials (FDA, EU, BPA FREE, Tritan)
  7. Has SPE and PEM technology, so it is free from chlorine (Cl2) and Ozone (O3)
  8. It has a double plate made of platinum-coated titanium
  9. Has a membrane from Japan
  10. 1-year warranty on service and spare parts



With the rampant cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, molecular hydrogen is an alternative and can enhance the immune system through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. So, now you already understand the importance of the benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen. Look forward to the next blog which will thoroughly discuss how to choose a good and right hydrogen generator

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